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MercyBeam™ - The Merciful Cancer Treatment

More about us

Who we are?


Convergent Radiotherapy and Radio Surgery (CRnR) Ltd. is a medical start-up company developing a new x-ray focusing technology called MercyBeam™.

What we do?

MercyBeam’s solution is a cutting edge novel approach to Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery treatment. It is different in the sense that it creates high dosage of radiation aimed at and contained within a very limited volume, while admitting very low radiation outside of the targeted volume.

Why support us?

MercyBeam is seeking investment to bring the technology to life and make the best possible treatment accessible to everyone, at any age, all over the world.

We issued a call to the general public to participate in our efforts to advance both the short-term and long-term goals. Your support will enable the implementation of our efforts in the medical environmental reality, cure cancer patients and save numerous lives. For further details on how you can help, please refer to our support page.

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